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How can you use The Changing Lanes Course?

Watch the trailer for Changing Lanes and in less than 2 minutes you'll see how you can use the Changing Lanes Course in your youth group.

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As a group - You can run The Changing Lanes Course in a youth group setting, for which you’ll need the DVD and also some handbooks for the participants.

With a friend - You can encourage your Christian teenagers to use the free, online version of the The Changing Lanes Course as a mission tool to reach their peers.

On your own - You can recommend the free, online version to non-Christian teens for them to complete in their own time and space.

Course Information

AGE RANGE: 15-17 (ideally)

TIME: 30-45 minutes



  • STEP 1: Getting Started – Video Clip
  • STEP 2: Pit Stop – Discussion Questions
  • STEP 3: Back on Track – Video Clip
  • STEP 4: Finding Direction – Bible study
  • STEP 5: Are we there yet? – Video Clip

When using the DVD press ‘pause’ when you see the ‘Pit Stop’ and ‘Finding Direction’ screens. Press ‘play’ to restart the video clips.

Episode hint sheets

Below are hint sheets for each of the episodes.

Episode 1 - Hint Sheet
Episode 2 - Hint Sheet
Episode 3 - Hint Sheet
Episode 4 - Hint Sheet
Episode 5 - Hint Sheet
Episode 6 - Hint Sheet
Episode 7 - Hint Sheet

Making the most of The Changing Lanes Course

  • Get the church leaders and members on board. Tell them what you are doing, get them praying; make a big thing of it.
  • Get the Christian teens in the group praying and inviting friends.
  • Give the Changing Lanes Book out as an award at the end of the course OR give them out at the beginning of the course to read a chapter for each episode.
  • Register the course on our website and we’ll get our supporters praying for you.
  • Keep checking the website for new content and supporting resources.

Adapt the course

If you mainly have Christian teens, why not run the course with them first with the aim of running it again shortly afterwards for their non-Christian friends. Get your Christian teens involved in planning the mission.

You may need to rephrase some of the questions when running it with Christians e.g. How would you answer a friend who said...

Get creative with the course

  • Why not run it off-site, away from a Church environment, maybe take over a Cafe for the night.
  • Go out for a burger or pizza after one (or more) of the episodes.
  • As the course is only 45 minutes max then factor in some varied activities into the programme alongside the course. E.g. bowling, laserquest etc...

Follow up the course

  • Download the ‘Participants Questionnaire’ to get feedback from your group.
  • Complete the ‘Questionnaire for Leaders’ to help us improve the course.
  • Run the course again and get each teen to bring a friend.
  • Encourage members of your group to do the course with a friend online.

Provide feedback about the course

Check out the FAQs

There are some answers to frequently asked questions on the self study section of the website.